Abernethy and Dron and Arngask

Activities in the Parish

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Date Location Details
29thAbernethyUnited Service
5thArngaskUnited Service
14th School starts
19thGlenfarg & AbernethySunday Clubs Start
26thAbernethyUnited Service - Communion
6thAbernethyKirk Session
21stAbernethyCeilidh Dance
23rdGlenfarg & AbernethyHarvest Thanksgiving
30thArngaskUnited Service
 Glenfarg & AbernethySunday Clubs end
2ndArngaskKirk Session
5th School ends
22nd School starts
28thAbernethyUnited Service
 Glenfarg & AbernethySunday Clubs start
11thGlenfarg & AbernethyRemembrance Sunday
15th School In-service day
16th School In-service day
24thGlenfargChurch Christmas Sale
25thArngaskUnited Service - Communion
   Advent Sunday
28thAbernethyKirk Session
16thGlenfarg & AbernethySunday Clubs end
21st School ends
24thGlenfarg & AbernethyChristmas Eve & Watchnight Services
25th Christmas Day
30thAbernethyUnited Service