Abernethy and Dron and Arngask

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Contact Details

Rev. Stan Kennon BA BD

01738 850194
Session Clerk:
Bill Macpherson

01577 830430
Roll Keeper:
Alex Johnston

01577 830776
Rosemary Johnston
01577 830776
Safeguarding Co-ordinator:
Kathleen Baird

01337 840218
Pastoral Care Team:
Gill Boardman

01738 850940
David Aird

01577 830370  
Mission & Discipleship:
Dave King

01738 851010  
Abernethy Sunday Club:
Joyce White

01738 850754  
Arngask Sunday Club:
Sheena Chisholm

01577 830054  
Church Notices Editor:
Sandra Gourlay

01738 850463  
Presbytery Elder:
Alex Johnston
(as pictured above)

01577 830776  
Web Team:
Bill Macpherson